My Guest Appearance on The Darling Show!

     I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on The Darling Show! It was a lot of fun speaking with hosts Brian Darling and Ninon de Vere de Rosa about my cooking classes, healthful eating, and so much more. Brian and Ninon were so sweet and entertaining, and I always enjoy having the chance to speak with non-vegans about veganism. I see it as an opportunity to raise awareness about the animals, promote good health, and water those seeds of compassion and kindness that already exist in all of our hearts. Who knows what may sprout?
     My interview starts after the Hot Topics segment, around 12:25. I start talking about veganism around 17:00.

Further information on some of the issues I discussed:

“How to Get a Cow Pregnant” from the University of Wisconsin’s agriculture department website

“Fish is Not Health Food” by Dr. John McDougall

Animal Portraits:

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