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Responding to “But animals eat other animals. And we’re animals too!”

Yes, there are some animals who eat other animals. But there are also animals who DON’T eat other animals. In fact, the vast majority of animals are herbivores. Why can’t we pick those animals to model our behavior after?
Physiologically, human beings are classified as omnivores which means we are capable of eating both plants and animal flesh. Unlike true carnivores, human beings have NO biological requirement for animal flesh or secretions. In other words, being an omnivore means we have a choice. So why would we choose to cause harm when we don’t have to?
Let’s not pretend we’re “just doing what other animals do.” No other species confines and breeds the animals they eat. True carnivores pull their prey down with sharp claws and then bite into raw flesh with fangs that can slice and chew through thick hide, feathers, fur, bone and tendons. Humans have to kill and dismember animals with sophisticated machinery like power saws, carcass opening and splitting saws, boning hooks, hock cutters, hoof shackles, skinning machines, grinders, butcher knives, and rifles. And, while carnivores can eat flesh raw, humans have to cook flesh to get rid of bacteria that can be life-threatening to us.
The justification that other animals do something says nothing about whether or not it’s ethical for us to do it too. After all, there are animals who rape other animals. Can you really imagine saying, “but animals rape other animals, therefore it’s okay for us to rape”?? Yikes. 
It’s funny that we humans like to think of ourselves as superior to all other animals EXCEPT when we want to eat them or exploit them. Then, all of a sudden, we consider ourselves just like them. Interesting…
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