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My eHow Video Series: Light, Baked French Fries (Carrot Fries!)

I absolutely adore carrots. I probably eat about 10 big carrots a day. Some might say I’m obsessed. I’m actually pretty sure the people at my food co-op think that because recently one of the cashiers said he was gathering up his nerve to ask me on behalf of himself and his co-workers why I buy so many. The answer? I just like them. A lot. They are so beautiful and so crunchy. Their flavor is earthy and complex, yet also delicate and subtle. And they are so versatile. I mean, you can eat them with everything! Why in the world people eat potato chips when they could be eating carrots is beyond me.
And if you’re wondering if my skin is orange, it’s not. But I do have a healthier glow. Since beginning my mad love affair with carrots, I get asked all the time if I’ve just been on vacation because I look tan. In fact, this happens so frequently that my husband started getting jealous and now he juices carrots for breakfast. Ha! I eat mine whole, though. Because I am hard core like that.
Anyway, back to this video. We all know that the best way to make French fries lighter is to bake them rather than fry them. But, can we go further? Is there a way to make baked French fries even more healthful?
Why, yes! There is!


Use carrots, of course!
Because carrots are so sweet and flavorful on their own, you’ll find that you don’t really need to douse them with salt. And while you certainly could dip them in ketchup, you may not even want to because they taste so good on their own. This recipe is so simple, and it’s obviously healthier alternative to traditional French fries. And needless to say, it is wonderfully delicious.

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