***UPDATE: Kate has received her masters and is now working full-time in a Harvard-affiliated psychiatric hospital as a clinical social worker with people struggling with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, OCD, eating disorders, and personality disorders. Her availability for teaching cooking classes and coaching has reduced significantly so please contact her well in advance of when you would like a session. In the near future, she will be providing psychotherapy and coaching on a full-time basis so please check back in soon or feel free to reach out and let her know you would like to be kept updated. Thank you! ***

Why work with a Wellness Coach?

All of us aspire to be the best versions of ourselves and to live the best possible life we can. But at various points in our lives, we may find that we are no longer living in alignment with these aspirations. For example, we may have gotten out of shape and no longer have the confidence we once had, or our stress levels at work are so high that the quality of our personal relationships have begun to suffer. We may not know how to get back on track, or even if we do know what we are supposed to do, simply being told to “eat less” or “just relax” isn’t making it happen. If receiving an order were really all it took to be successful and feel empowered, people wouldn’t ever have problems!

So what are these barriers that prevent people from being their best selves? Sometimes these barriers are due to a lack of knowledge about nutrition or health, but usually lack of information isn’t what prevents people from actually doing what is good for them. More often than not, the most significant barriers are self-limiting beliefs such as “I don’t have time to prioritize my health,” “all the women in my family are overweight, it’s just how we are,” “I’m too old to change,” or “it is what it is.” We don’t even recognize these as beliefs; we accept them as reality, allowing them to go unchallenged. This creates the perfect environment for destructive habits to develop and thrive, and continuously get reinforced. These habits are nearly impossible to break free from without becoming aware and getting rid of the underlying self-limiting beliefs that have paved their way and taken you off track.

My role as a coach is first to help you change the paradigm, to guide you in stepping back and understanding the ways in which you are working against yourself, and then after that, to empower you with the information, structure, encouragement, and accountability you need to be your best self and live your best life. Our work together can be broken down into four parts:

  1. Help you articulate and specify what your goals and values are.
  2. Work with you to indentify the mental and emotional barriers that are preventing you from manifesting these goals and values in your life.
  3. Together come up with a concrete plan of action that is based on your unique personality and what we believe will be most effective for you.
  4. Provide you with ongoing support and resources, and be a source of accountability and motivation.

How are you different from other Wellness Coaches?

Clients come to me with specific goals. For example, they want to lose weight, get stronger, or reduce their stress levels. My unique approach is to create a program based on what your underlying motivators are–such as the desire to feel more confident, to gain control of your own health, or to have better relationships with loved ones–thereby making changes much easier and significantly more likely to last.

A critical component to this, of course, is understanding who that authentic self actually is. This involves becoming familiar not only with your personal motivations, values, and aspirations, but also your innate gifts, perspectives, and approach to the world. To aid you in this process of realizing your own values, gifts and tendencies so that you can achieve true wellness, I integrate personality typology (such as the Enneagram) into my work with you. Having this information will allow me to guide you in the most efficient and effective way for you, and most importantly, it will equip you with the tremendous power of self-awareness, which makes manifesting your best self all the more possible.

Ultimately, I place an emphasis on “alignment.” Alignment with your values, your sense of purpose, and your potential. Living in alignment means living with awareness and making decisions that reflect your best and most authentic self. I believe that when this forms the foundation of our work together, your goals will be easier to achieve because the deeper sense of purpose behind them is now out in the open and is acting as the driving force.

How much do you charge? Do you offer package rates?

A single 1-hour long coaching session via Skype or over the phone is $85. However, I really encourage people to sign up for multiple sessions because a huge benefit in working together will be that you will have me to hold you accountable and help you deal with pitfalls and struggles that come up along the way. I really want you to be successful, so to incentivize people to get the most out of working with me, I offer packages at a discounted rate.

Do you offer a free trial consultation?

Yes. I offer a free 20-minute session where we can suss out whether we would be a good fit and you can bring up any questions or concerns you have with me.

I need help with meal planning. Do you offer that as a service?

Absolutely! Not only am I a certified nutritionist, but I thoroughly enjoy creating meal plans and shopping lists (perhaps a little too much!) so I am more than happy to offer that. A 5-day meal plan with an accompanying shopping list of all the ingredients you’ll need is just $30. Each plan is totally custom-made for you based on your specific dietary needs, tastes, and available time you have to cook.

How do I book an appointment with you and get started?

Please email me at with some times you are available. Once we’ve settled on a time, and I have received your payment (via Paypal, cash or check), I will email you a statement of confidentiality and an intake form for you to fill out so you can tell me a bit about your history and what your goals are. I will need you to email or mail this back to me before our first session so that I can look over it and we can get the ball rolling on our first session.
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