“My wife and I took Kate’s class and she has so much knowledge and insight that helped us be better… Just better. (cooks, thoughtful people…) We are excited to let people know about her classes. She taught us a few recipes and one we have used over and over. We feel so empowered. I use her blog as a reference daily! Thank you Kate.”
–Karen, Jamaica Plain, MA

“Kate is absolutely incredible! I truly can’t say enough about her fabulous cooking class. The price is extremely reasonable and Kate is as knowledgeable as it gets. We cooked for at least three hours in her kitchen and ate all the amazing food we made. I left the class feeling empowered and excited to try tons of new recipes. Can’t wait to take another class with Kate!”
–Christy, San Francisco, CA

“I definitely recommend the class. Kate is great and she is obviously not in this to make money but more to help you. The food is delicious and worth it just for the food you take home which for me was several days worth of lunch and dinner. Great stuff!”
–Brian, Boston, MA

“Kate’s Goldhouse Gourmet lessons are amazing!!! I had always been a vegetarian and being from India, where diet is mostly vegetarian with more emphasis on milk products, I had always wanted to try a Vegan diet. The problem was, I had no clue on how to go about it. One fine day, I heard about these classes and instantly signed up. This is what worked for me:
-Very warm & wonderful person.
-Very knowledgeable. This is her USP. She knows what she’s talking about.
-Excellent cook. There’s so much you can learn from her and she has some excellent recipes in her repertoire.
-Recipes (Black Bean Burgers & Black Bean Brownies) are surprisingly quick and easy to cook.
All this motivated me to take a 30-day vegan challenge and I have been vegan ever since. All in all, an excellent life changing experience.”
–Aditya, Cambridge, MA

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